Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Christmas mini quilt 2011

 I was in the middle of my skirt quilt a few weeks ago and I had an idea, and then I had a few more and then a few more, only none of them had to do with the quilt I was working on. My brain had moved onto Christmas.  And with that came the idea of a mini quilt based off of some designs I had done for my kids stockings.  So I came up with my original design, which was centered around Christmas penguins.  Then I went and bought the super cute fabric, which came from a variety of lines...Riley Blake, Michael Miller, Moda, etc...

When it came time to sit down and actually start piecing the quilt together, the design took on a completely different look.  As you can see, my drawing abilities are pretty sketchy.  The purpose of my drawings is to get the idea out of my head before I forget it.  I don't solidify it until I actually start creating it on fabric.

 There are still some details to be added to the characters, but that will happen when I start sewing the appliques to the fabric.  I am planning on developing a pattern for this mini quilt asap.  It is intended to hang on the wall and will have some sort of fabric straps to hang it from.  But it is still in the works.  I still have to stitch on the appliques, add the batting and backing, quilt it and bind it, so there is quite a bit of work still to do.


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